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Laptop Rentals

Panel: We provide extensive laptop solutions for short-term and long-term hire.

Complete Laptop Hire UK Solution for All Your Events

Eventeca offers UK laptop hire services that are tailored according to your needs. With over decades of experience, there is nothing that we do not know about the IT sector. When technology advancement at its peak, we understand that you need to appear as up-to-date with your audience. And since we are all about flexibility, we provide our clients with laptop services at any time, all across the United Kingdom.

Laptops Hire UK Service Available for All Your Needs

Eventeca provides businesses with London laptop hire services, with which they can they can get access to hundreds of laptop features within affordable rates. From creating PowerPoint presentations and word processing to temporary office setups and guest check-in for events, we can cover everything for you. Our efficient short-term rent laptop London services come with various brands and models. Their rental rates can surprise you but we are the real deal. Our inventory is one of the best in the United Kingdom.

Why Hire from Eventeca?

Eventeca offers thousands of laptops for business and event purposes through Eventeca’s UK laptop hire service. When you are hiring from us, you will experience excellent service unlike never before. Our IT experts make sure to communicate with you in order to understand your event requirements and propose an ideal laptop brand that meets all of your needs. We can pre-install programs, content and add in any accessories as per your requirements.

We are a one-stop solution for all your IT needs during the events you host. From on-site support to adding accessories, our service is always tailored to meet your project requirements. We make our laptop hire London services both customized and with seamless functionality.

Eventeca Offers Flexible Rental Terms that Enables Freedom

Looking for a laptop rental service can be exhausting for most, which is why we do not believe in contracts that are too demanding. In fact, we aim for providing as much freedom as possible to our customers. Whether you want to rent a laptop for an afternoon event or use it for the whole year, we will quote you the most affordable prices in all of United Kingdom.

Furthermore each system and components of the rental laptops can be upgraded or changed on request. Moreover, we offer a carry case and mouse along with any laptops that are rented.

At Eventeca, our team of IT specialists develop customized software for your business event. And with the knowledge and skills of our friendly staff, we are just one call away from providing you the best device according to your needs. All you need to do is let us know your requirements.

Our Inventory is Never-ending!

With Eventeca, you will never hear about the term, “end of stock”. We hold a team of skilled professionals who strive to complete your every need, by selecting best event technology for your event. We provide laptop rental services across United Kingdom, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool.

We have high volume of stock so that our customers can:

  • Rent laptops for seminars and training programs with 150 laptops or more installed.
  • Hire laptops for business conferences and meetings.
  • Get laptops for hire for smaller group events, including workshops.
  • Clients can also request for a temporary office setup with over 50-60 people.

We Offer All Kinds of Software

At Eventeca, we give our customers the liberty to choose from laptops that come with Mac or Windows operating system. With Mac OS, our laptops are pre-installed with Pages, Numbers, VLC player, Mac mail, Keynote, and Chrome as standard softwares. With Windows OS, we offer Microsoft office suit that includes PowerPoint, Word, Excel, VLC and internet browsers as pre-installed softwares. Moreover, any licensed software you want can also be installed on request.

Latest Versions

Eventeca laptops are freshly updated with the latest versions of software and operating systems, before heading off for delivery. If a specific version of software or operating system is required, then feel free to let us know before you order your items.

Eventeca does it the Professional Way

At Eventeca, we offer services greater than just giving away laptops for rent. Our team of experts promise you professional execution of your event with the help of technology. Your event will be memorable with our help, as we provide the necessary expertise needed to deliver and install products with Wi-Fi services.

Laptop Hire Service with Customization

With our laptop rental services, we offer fast setup for professional event and conferences around the world. Our customized laptop rentals can come with:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Logos and backgrounds
  • Pre-installed software
  • Security Protocols
  • Encryption of hard drive
  • More than one user accounts

Laptop Hire Manchester

In the rainy city of England, we provide the best rent laptop Manchester services. With our help, you can hire laptops with any configuration for cost-effective prices.

Laptop Hire Birmingham

Our rent laptop Birmingham services are available in the city of thousand trades. Through our services, you can achieve excellent IT services – whether your event is big or small.

Laptop Hire Wales

With our rent laptop Wales service, you can get the advantages of a full IT setup for all your events. Whether it is a seminar, workshop or a full-scale event, we have got you covered.

Laptop Rental Liverpool

Other than hire laptop London services, we also provide laptops for hire in Liverpool.

Going Global:

We not only deliver across UK, but also to all parts of Europe as well.

Contact Us Today

Whether you are in London, Liverpool, and Manchester or outside UK, give us a call today to get the most amazing quote for all your events. Our team of experts are ready to assist you with any questions or requests.

Take a look at some of our rental products we can supply that will come in handy at your event:






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