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Question & Answer Time!

Allow your audience to interact with your speakers through moderated Q&A. This research tool, allows your attendees to send questions to the host of the discussion throughout the presentation, anonymously or with their name behind it. Moderation happens through the use of a secondary iPad and is used to capture all of the interesting questions which are then fed to the speaker to discuss at the agreed section.

It is one of the simplest and most engaging interactive weapons in the Eventeca arsenal and supports as many moderators as you feel essential to assist the process , allowing thousands of participants to have their voices heard, creating engaging, interactive sessions with nominal preparation..

Interactive Presentation

Take your participants through a presentation and compare how they would deal with it slide by slide.

Review key discussion points, use live polling to collect answers, and present both the consensus results and the audience responses in a single interactive, animated visualisation. This is a dynamic upgrade to your session slides and saves the responses for post-event analysis, giving you additional insight into your audience’s thinking.

Surveys and Feedback

The Eventeca survey tool delivers valuable information and insightful feedback. This dynamic feature offers a variety of examination types including multi-choice, multi-select, drop down list, open answer and radio buttons. Survey forms can also be conditional, allowing for more robust analysis.

The feedback forms are delivered to your participants directly via the app at pre-designated times, either within the session view or through a push notification. The instant involvement of the digital survey allows for higher response rates, as well as for simpler post-event data analysis.

Discussion Board

The digital brainstorming activity package presents you with numerous options to get the best results from your session, with one thing in common: every idea and suggestion is recorded and captured for later.

Divide your attendees into groups and allow them to work on a team exercise creating a business plan, prototype, or anything else relevant to your organization. You can run the brainstorming in a single or multiple rounds, moderate the ideas privately or let the participants evaluate and rate the other groups’ work. Handled fully in-app, this feature functions as a catalyst for team-building and group learning exercises.

Live Event Polling

Event Polling is a core interactive audience response tools within Eventeca. With our voting features, you can pose multiple-choice questions to your audience and receive real-time feedback. The question and answers will appear on the big screen and on the iPads.

With the delegates submitting their answers the big screen, will have a pie chart appear alongside the question and answers, The results are dynamically displayed which will update live as more and more answers are submitted.

Activity Feed

The Eventeca activity feed will trigger meaning and curated user-generated content to events. Feed moderation will ensure participants stay on topic and avoid distraction from interaction and sharing content.

Foster rich interactivity and sharing with status updates, comments, likes, and follows

Feed functions include:

  • Likes, Comments and Social Followers
  • Status Updates
  • Photos and Videos

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