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Want to Create an Event Planning App? Here is What You Need to Know
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Want to Create an Event Planning App? Here is What You Need to Know

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Want to Create an Event Planning App? Here is What You Need to Know

Back in the days before event apps – not very long ago, mind you – event planning was a nightmare. After all, this is where the harried, flustered, always running around late stereotype originated from.
Not anymore, though. Despite event applications making lives easier they’re not all encompassing or flawless. If you want to contribute to this field and have decided to create a mobile event app but don’t know where to start, well, this place is good as any.

Here’s what you need to know:


Planning is the most important part, naturally. It comprises of everything from deciding what features you want to be included in you app, to hiring an agency to develop your event technology.

Start off with doing a thorough research on the market. Try out the branded event apps, or to put it in other words the most popular apps. You want to know what is already available on the app store, and what features are the core essentials without which the investment would be a failure.
A neat trick is to also sift through the consumer reviews, in order to target the most common pain-points in apps already available.
Remember: if you aim to create the best event app, you need it to be actually useful to your audience.
Make sure the purpose of your app is specific. For example, are you creating a generalized app? Or an event app for tradeshow, exclusive to your company/organization? Define the purpose.
It would be absurd to try to create an app that is confusing. An app with few but exhaustive functions is superior over one with superficial and lacking functions.

Hiring a skilled developer

Let’s face it – building apps is a relatively expensive undertaking. It also needs to be executed with care. Sloppiness is equal to setting yourself up for failure.
For example, you create your event app for smart phones, neglecting that event app may be downloaded on tablet too. It may not work so well on another device, disappointing the user.
The user will switch to another app.

Be smart, use your resources wisely, and your investment will bear fruit.

Remember: managing to avoid the pit falls, and bringing something useful to the table is not enough. To get the edge over your competitors, your application needs to be dynamic and constantly improving.

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