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Trade Show App to make your Tradeshow Engaging | Eventeca
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Trade Show app

Trade Show App to Make your Trade Show Engaging


With our Trade show App, drive more value to your exhibitors, Attendees and Sponsors

More Value with Eventeca Trade show App


Get more value with Eventeca’s Trade show app as you can deploy the greatest and up to date tradeshow technology at your next expo or event and see the magic of our Trade show app providing more value to attendees, exhibitors and sponsors so you can manage your trade show or industrial expo with a 360 Degree approach.

With our Trade show app energize your attendees with technological revolution which keep them connected with the happenings in the trade show event. Not only it provide values to attendees but also to exhibitors as they can manage trade show better by directing announcements and messages with two way communicating trade show app.

Not only our tradeshow app is relevant when your event or expo is happening but its also provides post event analytics and reporting so you can check your trade show stats and plan for your next expo keeping in mind the stats provided by our trade show app.


With Our Tradeshow App, You can:

  • Create Personalized experience using branded tradeshow app
  • Maintain full Access and Controls
  • Engage Prospects and Connections
  • Drive high ROI with Powerful Reporting
  • Optimize the Success of your Event
  • Email and Text Alerts


trade show apps

With Eventeca’s Tradeshow App, Keep All your Events in One Place


Trade Shows

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