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The Best Devices Rent For Your Next Business Event
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The Best Devices Rent For Your Next Business Event


The Best Devices Rent For Your Next Business Event

Many companies, businesses, and groups prefer Laptop rentals instead of relying on their audiences to bring their own devices – and for good reason too.
In a world dominated by social media, text messages, and instant replies, a constantly pinging phone is inevitable. Unintentionally, these become a source of massive distraction for their users.
Studies indicate that putting your phone on mute or vibrate doesn’t help either; not enough to make a substantial difference.
A pressing problem arises for the hosts – invest thousands in hosting a lavish event, only to have a very distracted audience, glued to their phones.

We all know devices such as laptops have become the need of the hour, not just a luxury anymore. In fact many events actively rely on the digital world. Take an auction for an example; an auction that provides its bidders with devices to bid from will be far smoother as compared to one that relies on the traditional, raise your hand method. It is obvious; one cannot ask people to set their phones aside, or out of sight to quell distractions.

This is where Laptop hire companies in UK and around the world come into play. In comes the big question – which is extremely tricky to answer – How many devices to hire for my event?

A lot of people struggle to answer: hire notebooks a bit too many and that’s a waste of money for you. Rent too few, and you run the risk of embarrassing yourself in front of your guests or worse – give the impression of mismanagement.

To avoid any such unpleasant situations and dissatisfied customers, we provide our staff laptop hire training. This is what makes us the top notch Laptop hire company in London, after all.

We will give you a snippet of how we counsel our clients whenever they approach us.

Our foremost question is to ask you the nature of your event, the number of people registering. It is essential for the hosts to realize that a 1:1 ratio of audience to device is not always necessary. For instance, in a conference, 1:5 ratio works but so does a 1:10 or 1:3 device to audience ratio. It depends on how interactive your audience will have to be.

In a charity auction on the other hand, which needs to be very interactive, a 1:1 ratio is the best.

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