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Branded Event Survey App for Mobile & iPad. Also Available Live Voting App & Feedback App
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Survey Feedback App Mobile

Understand your Valuable Customer with Eventeca’s Event Survey App, Polling App iPad, Polling App Mobile & Live Voting App.

Collecting Insights That Weighs with Live Voting App


In today’s highly competitive environment, we all understand the importance of getting customer’s feedback. Their feedback enables us to rectify our flaws and improve our strengths. Almost a decade back the scenario was different; brands use to invest lots of time and efforts taking feedback from their clients including other stakeholders. But, today, the situation is different, trends have changed. Brands have started relying on event survey app and live voting app to get instant feedback from their clients.

There are companies/brands that invest lots of efforts and time in creating best survey app including both iPad survey app and mobile survey app separately but success is never guaranteed. Even after investing so much, app developers fail in developing the best survey app, it happens mostly because of not understanding potential app customers. But need not to worry!

Eventeca is the best event survey app development company specialized in designing branded  event survey app including best survey app, mobile survey app, polling app mobile, ipad survey app , polling app ipad , live voting app and branded survey app at affordable price.

Eventeca is considered the best when it comes to getting feedback digitally because at Eventeca, we design perfect Event Survey App & Live Voting App that are compatible with both ipad and mobile.  Our customized iPad Survey app and Mobile Survey app falls under the category of branded survey app as they are specially designed for unique brands seeking customized feedback from their customers. We have special branded survey app that work without wifi. Effective utilization of our Branded Survey App along with live voting app can help you maximum feedback.

Live Voting App, Polling App Ipad, & Polling App Mobile-Changing Trends


The trend of live voting & live polling has increased; we often see its usage in reality shows. Eventeca have good experience in designing live voting app, Polling App Ipad, & Polling App Mobile for its clients.  Each of these apps is designed in a way that enables our clients to collect and analyse votes/pools side by side.

Brand Promotion


Survey is considered most powerful technique that helps you rectify and grow flawlessly.  Polling app Ipad & polling app Mobile are developed to understand customers. However survey isn’t only help brands grow but promotion do! With Eventeca best survey app, mobile survey app, Polling App Mobile, Polling App Ipad & ipad survey app you can’t only get feedback but also promote your event.

Eventeca Mobile Survey App & Ipad Survey App helps you manage Flawlessly 

Developers need talent and experience to design event survey app that are compatible with both ipad and mobile. Eveteca has both, our team of talented and experienced app developers develop best mobile survey app that doesn’t only act as branded survey app but as best polling app mobile.  Similarly, we are experts in designing Ipad Survey App and Polling App Ipad. It is necessary to grab huge number of people at your business event but you should forget about getting post event feedback, Go successful with our Live Voting App, polling app mobile and polling app ipads.  Live Voting App along with Polling App Ipad and Polling App Mobile is our clients’ favorite mobile survey app because it has helped them gauge valuable feedback from clients.

Gets Customers valuable feedback by using Eventeca’s best survey app & branded Survey App. We provide you the Best Survey App service in town.

Would you like a personalized demo of Mobile Survey App? Our team is ready to answer all your questions.