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Smartphone Apps to Aid Conference Networking
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Smartphone Apps to Aid Conference Networking


Smartphone Apps to Aid Conference Networking

Event Tech has come a long way with the development of event applications. Along with other things, event apps for smart phones especially, have been trying to assist conference networking. Rightly so, too – we have our phones on our persons almost all the time so might as well utilize this opportunity.

Time and again, developers have put together their heads and tried to overcome the obstacles associated with conference networking, through their event apps.
Unsurprisingly, the battle has to be fought on multiple fronts, each of which is linked to the other.
What makes matters so complicated is that each type of business or corporation faces its own unique challenges when it comes to events in general.
Therefore, producing an app that covers the bare minimum for every industry becomes a tough task in itself.

A new trend we can clearly see with a skim through the app stores is targeting a specific pain point faced in event management rather than trying to cover it all. Makes sense, too.

A very good example of this would be mobile event apps supporting conference networking. We have listed a few branded event apps to show you how these can make your life easier because they are great at what they do. 


With a very user friendly design, this app can be very easily customized to fit your content needs. Got your annual tradeshow coming up? Customize this event app for your tradeshow and blow the attendees away. Specifically targeting conference networking, the features such as private messaging and social media integration are ever valuable in making business connections a reality.

The ultimate winner is the polling option – perfect for your tradeshow event! 


This app is a great example of creativity meets ingenuity. Aiming to completely entrance and engage your attendees, this app accomplishes it all with its unique scavenger hunt theme. The interactive games make sure the flow of conversation never stops and the ice is broken without instantly. Nothing like comfortable guests to aid networking!


Considering how travelling a big part of many businesses is, this app refuses to let go of that time to waste. The goal is to enable you connect with other people onboard. In the creator’s own words, “Who knows, you might be able to hook up with a favorite musician, top filmmaker or long lost college buddy.”

Eventeca is one of the largest Event App planners for every business & non-business conference.

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