Generate more business insight and inspire change with industry leading event and presentation software from Eventeca.

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We Build It

Get the complete experience with our packed service event solution. We handle your event platform, app publishing, audience engagement and more:


  • An app built and branded for you
  • Data managed before and after the event
  • Onsite network and server setup and maintenance
  • Complex features and activities implemented
  • iPad rental available
  • Help desk support for participants
  • Customisation options available


We pride ourselves on being able to get the most out of all size events. We have worked on exhibitions for a room of 15-20 people, all the way up to multi-day conferences over a number of rooms with 1000 people. We have taken our enterprising application into fifteen different countries. We are the best option for large or complex events with a lot of interactivity, high data loads and custom solution requirements.