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Registration Kiosk for Interactive Registrations | Eventeca
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Registration Kiosk

Registration Kiosk for Interactive Registrations


Convenience at it’s Best

Improved Approcah with Eventeca’s Registration Kiosk


Eventeca is one of the leading Event tech app provider and with its improved approach to maintain relationship with its client we offer registration kiosk for your events, expos, conferences and seminars so that you can take all attendees information in our beautifully designed registration kiosk to make it easier for you to manage personalized attendants and visitors information.


The company has been a world leader in short and long term IT rentals to big corporations for events and trade shows since 2010, with more than 1,000+ happy clients worldwide enjoying our IT rental services and Registration Kiosk for rent.


The Registration Kiosk is designed to provide you easy to use options which can be personalized as per your event needs. Our pre installed registration kiosk software is easily configurable and can be modified extensively.



Why Eventeca’s Registration Kiosks:


You should always opt Eventeca’s Registration Kiosks for your events because:


  • Makes Your Life Easier pre-event and post event during registrations
  • Saves a lot of time and cost effective solution
  • Looks compact, neat and clean
  • Easy to configure options



Registration Kiosk

A New Standard in On-Site Registration

Better Experience for staff and delegates

Manage Data Easily

Highly Secured Data with protected Cloud Servers

Software Integration

Are you ready to energize your Event with Our Registration Kiosk?


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