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Pro Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Event Management
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Pro Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Event Management

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Pro Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Event Management

Launching a mobile event for your next event? Congrats! But what comes after designing that event app for tradeshow /conference? Once you’re done with the event the next and the foremost thing to do is to strategically position it and market it through different mediums. But the question that lies here is that how to ensure success of the event through the mobile event app? Well we’ll be discussing some pro tips to help you get the most out of your mobile event.


  1. Promote the app on your event and registration page

The first thing to do is to promote your branded event app on the event and registration page. Also make sure to utilize all social media platforms for maximum reach. Make sure to use buzz words to make it as popular as you can. Also don’t forget to utilize a call to action button on your event and registration page so that people straight away download the app.

  1. Mention your app in your brochures and guides

The next step is to make sure whatever promotional stuff you design may it be brochures, guides or social media posts there should be a mention of your app to get your event app in people minds. The more you can familiarize attendees with your mobile experience, the more likely they’ll engage and, ultimately, download.


  1. Ask the participants to download the event in the Kick-off announcement

There might be some participants who might have missed the opportunity to download the event app before the event. What to do now? Ask your host to make a proper clear announcement before the event kicks-off, asking the audience to download the event app as they would need it for various activities in the event. Make sure your app is on platforms like Google play store and Apple store so that the audience don’t find it difficult to download your app.

  1. Keep everyone engaged and updated with your event app

After every participant has the app in their cellphone, it’s time to post updates on the app to keep your audience updated with upcoming activities in the event. Make sure to include activities that utilizes the event application so that your audience is continuously engaged with the app. As an organizer you can also make announcements of final minute changes, this will allow you to communicate your message to your audience easily without creating a fuss.


  1. Send personalized appreciation messages to the participants through the app

While it’s important to keep your audience engaged with your app during the event, its equally important to engage with them after your event. Make sure to get feedback from your audience about the event through the app. Also send a THANKYOU message to your audience after the event is done and dusted to end the event on a positive note. You can also use the app to let your audience know about your upcoming events.

Utilize these tips and we can guarantee you that your next big event would be a success!

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