Generate more business insight and inspire change with industry leading event and presentation software from Eventeca.

The Best Presentation App to Make Your Event More Engaging
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Presentation App by Eventeca

We don’t just produces another event app!  Eventeca Presentation app & software gives you the freedom to build totally engaging & interactive events for your audience.

Content Digitization

Replace traditional paper with a presentation app in exactly your mentioned specs through ultra-recent content updates.


Eventeca Presentation apps would deliver your audience an event, rich in engaging activities   for their networking goal to be met diligently along, with the data capture and industry insights that you need.

Delegate Tools

Grow your audience base &ROI stats more that your history events through better connectivity with your audience & in-person via our integrated presentation apps.

Data Analytics

Our data-friendly presentation app are co-powered with security that your audience needs to track and record pre, during and post event for detailed analytics & future evaluations.


Our educated presentation app will keep your audience more focused & interconnected socially more about what you want, when you want.

Event Management

Tune-in to our latest equipped presentation app to cover your event massive exposure with all the features integrated under one tool for wining performance.


We don’t separate features into sets and modules, instead you get complete
access to everything and can just use what you need, when you need it.


Create your own innovative presentation apps for your iPads, iPhones or smart devices to plug-in & play with engagement unlimited.

  • High Definition Imagery
  • Pushed to all Attendees
  • Product Information
  • Sponsors Opportunities
  • Live Polling
  • Note Taking
Branded event app | Eventeca

Eventeca Event Presentation apps come technically built-up with featured note taking function- no need to take out your pen & notes for any key point.

Your attendees can digitally prepare notes on slide-share of their screen without missing any point of presentation & for future re-calls & sharing. The user doesn’t need to search back every time whenever they need revisions; just click your presentation app & it’s all stored there.

With our multitalented apps for presentation, users feel free with an automatic note-save mode & instant options to share or transfer directly to the delegates in a PDF format side lying the presentation screen. Our engaging presentation app even allow the organizers or lecturers to customize the files that are sent to the delegates post event, while excluding the presentation slides upon the will of event organizer. Your attendees will enjoy a new dimension of engaging presentations throughout your live event. This tool makes attendees more engaged with the presentation as they go through the slides.


Eventeca’s unique event engaging features will be a bonus for your event performances scorecard & future visibility with more & more buzz that your workshop or conference presentation deserves:

  • Live Polling
  • Private Messaging
  • Feedback Forms
  • Surveys
  • Rating and Ranking
  • Interactive Maps

If you do not see a feature that you want, feel free to contact us and we can discuss having this feature included in presentation app.

Best event app | Eventeca


We love to run events for every industry & business leads with years of sound experience in event management. So, we know it by leaps & bounds!

Personalized agendas for multiple sessions running at the same time, breakout room organization, digital space-rooms, Alert functions to seek everyone’s attention at the same time. Advanced sponsorship or exhibitor options to raise awareness about a brand will finance your event & improve your event ROI with our efficient presentation app.