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Branded Meeting Mobile App & Meeting Conference Software
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Branded Meeting App – Meeting Conference Software



Digital Business Card Exchange Via Branded Meeting App


The digital business card exchange is the most favorite core networking feature of our clients delivered by Eventeca’s Branded Meeting Mobile App.

The built-in business card exchange lets your attendees swap details with each other, either by scanning each other’s devices or approving contact requests inside the Meeting App.

In-App Messaging Is Possible


Meeting App designed for your participants to meet & text during events with private messaging to network better.

In-app messages can be targeted to individuals or groups of people, depending upon their category & can be sent as mobile push notifications or alerts.

With our Meeting Mobile App, attendees & exhibitors both can enjoy flexible & great tools like such to create value for their events & promote their business as well. It’s also used by attendees of an exhibition, looking to find individuals within the same field as they are in. This makes communicating, a simple task for all attendees.

Sponsor Profiles & Lead Recovery

Meeting Conference Software by Eventeca will promote your events on board with full-fledge advertising options across multiple formats; on podium or kiosk wherever you want, for the exhibitors.

Our Branded Meeting App apps allow displaying different tiers of partners on the event partner’s listings page with the main sponsor appearing at the top of the sponsor list. Documents can be attached to profile of choice, which can be read by those who visit the sponsor’s page.

Also, the platform contains interactive maps and scanned badges so, capturing leads has never been so easy & seamless for your in- event engaging experience & lasting connections.

Rest, your event will be stayed full of engagements, on-screen logos to appear on the agenda sessions, push notifications, marketing material, delegate’s badges and roll up banners with our Branded Meeting App; all designed to boost your ROI with Meeting Mobile App.

Book Your One-To-One Meeting Schedules

Take advantage of the integrated Eventeca appointment tools offered by our diligent Branded Meeting Conference Software. Let your participants schedule appointments and build their own meeting agendas and appointments with each other.

They can set time, location, duration, and attendees, as well as meeting notes and topics to be addressed. The other attendee has the option to accept or decline the invite.

Within this feature of meeting app by Eventeca , you can allow attendees the ability to sign-up for a specific time slot for an appointment, meeting room, or consultation.

By offering this interface with our Branded Meeting App, both you and your attendees, will greatly benefit from the networking opportunities with Meeting Mobile App.

Create Personal Profiles with Meeting App

The ‘My Profile’ menu item within our Meeting Mobile App is seriously amazing for attendees to update any of their personal information that you, as the event organizer allow.

Many clients take advantage of our API with LinkedIn, allowing their attendees to update their profile information through importing their LinkedIn information. Any new connections they make can also be exported to their contacts and LinkedIn.

Additionally, Eventeca Branded Meeting App integrates with Twitter, allowing attendees to tweet directly from the app: Facebook to post statuses and like company profiles. Instagram allows participants to upload photos and videos they have taken at the event, also using hashtags that can be preset by the event organizers to continue to raise awareness towards the event.

Participants can even select their area of expertise or interest in their profile, which helps them find like-minded individuals to meet at your events for Meeting Conference Software.

Get in touch with us to know more about our networking Meeting Conference Software or Mobile Event App.

Get in touch with us to know more about our networking Meeting Conference Software or mobile event app.