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Maximized Participation | Eventeca
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Keep participants Informed and on Schedule

Informational features like the agenda are at the heart of every Eventeca event, but the platform provides much more than just a simple schedule.


Personalized Agendas


The difference between an agenda and a personalised agenda, is the difference between making your attendee feel less like a number and more of a significant member.

Eventeca allows you to tailor the content and schedule round each individual’s interests. They will feel like the event was designed for them.

Searchable and categorizable by several criteria, our agendas offer powerful features, including:

  • Customised event schedule building
  • Extensive searches of all native content
  • Detailed session descriptions
  • Access to download additional information and related documents
  • Personalised itinerary with notifications & reminders


Eventeca robust event customisation features create a feel that’s personalised to user preferences, allowing you and your participants to get the most out their event experience.

Session Registration, Tracking & Badge Printing


Eventeca can integrate with your registration platform to pull in attendees data for a streamlined registration process. Another option is allowing us to take care of that for you, we have an outstanding back data team that allows bulk upload of attendee information in the press of a button. We also work with some of the worlds leaders of event registration system. This is a great option for larger events or events with personalised agendas.


Eventeca can also manage your onsite badge printing, we are able to offer a full badge designing option, so you are able to fully brand and customise the badges of your choice. From the app, we can check attendees in and instantly print their badges upon arrival. This allows the event organisers to know exactly how many people have pre-registered and compare that to how many people have turned up on that day of the conference.

Interactive Maps


Our mapping feature lets your participants know where their personal sessions are happening. Eventeca prepares them for each of your events to optimize the display on an iPad and to associate each session with a corresponding map point.


We can create an interactive map in either 2D or 3D.