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iPad Hire for Event & Conference, iPad Rental, Tablet Rental
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iPad Rental, Tablet Rental and
Corporate iPad Hire for event

Every version of iPad Hire for Event,

Extensive Stands and Accessory range,

Tablet Rental and solution expertise.

WiFi & Cellular Solution with short term 4G DATA Plans

We provide our wide range of iPad rental for wide range of jobs including:


  • iPad Hire Conference
  • iPad Rental Exhibitions
  • iPad Hire for Event
  • Corporate iPad Hire surveys




  • We have the full range of stock and supply the latest models of each of the devices you need
  • Our large inventory lets you hire as many number of iPad rental as you want for your events
  • All of our iPad Rental come in leather cases for protection
  • For conference events, we install the application on the corporate iPad hire for your ease and convenience
  • Our iPad hire devices are WiFi enabled and support 3G and 4G plans to ensure that you get full connectivity wherever your event
  • Our shipments and deliveries will include only fully charged and powered off devices of tablet rentals

iPad Rental


Eventeca offers an extensive range of corporate iPad hire and iPad hire for event. With stock in a number of countries we are able to fulfil short term requirements of Tablet Rental anywhere. To have over 1000 iPad hire for event makes Eventeca the dream hardware company to use, our partner company HireTablets allow us to logistically complete all inquiries where our stock answer is always Yes for iPad Rental and iPad hire for events.

iPad Mini Rental


The iPad Mini is a popular rental model ideal for iPad hire conference projects which require the tablet to be carried for longer periods. Due to its compact size and extended battery life the iPad Mini it can be held in one hand, freeing the other to complete other tasks. We are able to supply iPad Mini with WiFi or 4G capabilities, which we are able to supply with SIM Cards that are pre-loaded with network data. This will allow the completion of functions needing an internet connection where WiFi isn’t accessible for our iPad Hire Conference.

iPad Air & iPad Pro Rental


Eventeca stocks the latest additions of the corporate iPad hire range. The iPad Pro and iPad Air in WiFi only as well as WiFi with Cellular available with cases for client requirements. With our special grade equipment we are able to apply a 4G signal to all of our Tablet Rentals that don’t allow cellular sim cards to be installed into them.

iPad Quad Stand Rental


If you are looking for a great iPad stand to have in the iPad hire corporate event Foyer, for attendees to use to browse the presentation agenda or to register themselves for the event. Add this fantastic wow factor to your event with the iPad Quad Stand. This extremely secure and strong stand is theft proof and can be connected to power to enable on site charging. The iPads can be angled as per your requirement.

iPad Wall Mount Rental


Eventeca has both black and white, seamless and secure iPad wall mounts with Tablet Rentals.

iPad Floor Stand Rental


Our iPad Floor Stand is a fantastic tool to use for people to view and use the Eventeca application, it is secure and can be secured to the floor to make it completely anti-theft. These can be used for the speaker to read their slide notes or to view the presentation as they go through it. The iPads can be angled as per your requirement in landscape or portrait.

iPad Desk & Counter Stand Rental


Seamless and secure iPad Desktop stand available to place on desks and counters. These stands are available in both black and white, there are a number of styles available.

4G DATA Sim Cards


A varied range of Sim Cards and Cellular Data solutions are available, these are perfect for use when WiFi is not available. Simply request a sim card in a cellular iPad for internet connectivity on the go, or contact us to discuss a range of solutions to ensure you are covered with data wherever you need the iPads including dedicated WiFi set up, MiFi routers and satellite.

4G LTE MiFi Router Rental


If you are looking to use multiple devices in the same area e.g. a exhibition stand at a trade fair or your ipad hire conference where WiFi is not available then using a MiFi router is an ideal solution. Powered with 4G internet and an extended battery life you are able to connect multiple devices to internet anywhere, anytime.

4G LTE Professional Router Rental


Eventeca offers a range of industry grade 4G and networking equipment which can be set up by our own technicians on your ipad hire conference site or delivered and configured ready to use. This will provide an internet connection to 100 devices using our 4G router and AP networking kits.