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How to Create an Event Planning App for Mobile
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How to Create an Event Planning App for Mobile

Event Planning App

How to Create an Event Planning App for Mobile

You may be an independent event organizer or affiliated with a company, at one point or the other the need for your own app is inevitable.

Before hiring a developer, however, the first big step is to do your homework. We are going to assume this is why you have landed on this page.
Let’s get down to it without any further ado.

Firstly, you need to understand there are bare essentials that every event application must have to be successful. There is a set of functions all the best event apps include – this in turn creates a benchmark for all future event apps for smart phones.

They are briefly listed as follows:

It is a location based feature that creates a virtual boundary around the user. It is helpful in showing functions or events in the near vicinity and in notifying you when you have reached a particular area.

Alternatively, the location feature can also be utilized to guide the user (especially someone attending an event out of town) to the designated venue. In fact, without this feature, half the purpose of the application would be rendered moot.

  • Upcoming events feed

Dedicating a whole section to this ensures user ease. One can just scroll through the feed saving or bookmarking events they are interested in.

  • Bio

Very commonsensical, a brief overview or paragraph about the speakers or hosts may do wonders for an event. No one wants to attend a walk in gathering not knowing what it is about, after all.

  • Social media sharing

For a mobile event app to be successful, the presence of the social media is a must. Let it be a tradeshow event app or a branded event app – it does not matter. There is no aspect of life social media has not seeped into. Plus it is good advertising.

  • A comment section 

Many people are hesitant to add this feature and we understand why: It can be difficult to tackle an onslaught of negative comments.
However, with proper monitoring and smart strategies, audience reviews could prove to be very lucrative in giving a proof of authenticity.
An example is an annual tech event. If you’re hosting one every year, chances are those who have never attended it would want to know other people’s previous experiences.

We hope these basics provide you the grounds to work on for your own special event management application!

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