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It’s easy to set up your own events, it’s even easier if Eventeca does it for you!

Eventeca was designed ideally for our clients, who don’t have the time to handle putting together a complete solution. So Eventeca provides a fully handled service covering everything before, during and after the event.


Custom Design

Why not fully brand your own event application? With Eventeca you can take advantage of our professional in-house technical design team to ensure inventive and trendy event concepts, with over 1,500 client events under our belts we’re depended on by the largest companies in the world.

From a small brief, or with the use of your own designers, our technical staff can have you running with a fully branded application in no time.


  • APP build
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Staffing
  • On-site support
  • Full data reporting

Our project managers are not just on-site support staff, they are your personal friend that will help you throughout the whole event process. This covers everything from the initial demo, the on-boarding process to the guidance of getting all the set up information and event requirements. Our staff at Eventeca will keep you up to date constantly, with how the process is coming along and all the logistical information that you need. We will assist with all aspects of the project and play as big or small of a part of the process as you require.



  • Install & test the network
  • Manage & maintain the system throughout
  • Data is autosaved
  • Manage data protection and security obligations
  • Assist the Project Manager with any technical enquiries or requirements
  • De-rig once the event is over

The WiFi and or network is always something that makes a client sceptical during an event.

We have technicians that live and breathe networks. We offer many solutions for internet connectivity, depending on amount of devices that will be connecting to the network as well as venue size and layout.

Give us a call and we can tell you more about it.


If you want some assistance on the day then your dedicated project manager is the go to guy or girl. As well as helping with the operational side of things they are there to;

  • Brief staff and audience members
  • Make last minute changes and updates
  • Register the late-comers
  • Liaise with AV and Technical Team

If your event, needs a little more assistance for what ever reason. We can supply further members of our team to assist with the event, to guarantee seamless execution.


systematic Event Reporting

Analytic and systematic data is essential knowledge for our clients to have. Luckily we have an excellent post event report system that provides perfectly laid out data. We are also able to offer analysed statistics specific to your requirements.

In our post event feedback forms we are to name a few offer a complete list of users that registered pre event and during the event. Alongside this information we are able to recite which attendees completed the survey forms and answered with what answers during the live polling sessions.

See how your event marketing has performed from clicks to interaction and more.



We give training throughout the complete process of the application, this includes;

  • The uploading of Data and Imagery
  • Imagery Creation
  • WiFi and Networks
  • Project Management
  • Content Assistance


Eventeca has been constantly updated through great ideas given to us by our clients. We are always looking for ways to improve our application, we are always open for suggestions.

We accept;

  • Bespoke Development
  • API Integration
  • 3rd Party Service Integration

You don’t need to be technical or have prepared a detailed brief, we are all ears for recommendations and proposals.


Relying on attendees to bring their own devices, is a recipe for disaster. Some delegates don’t want to use their own device, or even some people don’t have their own smart device, if their personal device runs out of battery, they will no longer be able to follow the presentation. Why not leave all that hassle to us?

From iPads, laptops, televisions and projectors to servers, network switches and access points we have a huge inventory of hardware to help you maximise the delegate experience.

By providing your audience with a dedicated device you will see participation rocket to over 95%. This could be vital if you require maximum engagement or the data being collected is very valuable.


Let Eventeca Help You Increase Experience & ROI