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Manage event app logistics

highly interactive events

Event organisers have numerous resources at their fingertips for the planning, execution, and analysis of their events.


Many Events, One Outstanding App


Your event app is a practical mobile software platform that lets you manage different events, an unlimited number of participants, interactive sessions, messaging and more from a dedicated, branded application.

This application can be controlled that only members of your company can access it, and different colleagues have different access areas.

Each individual event is housed as content of your primary app. Each is distinct, with its own speakers, participants, sessions, documents and more. Your app can hold as few, or as many, events as you like.


Use your Eventeca app for events, education, training, internal communication, content delivery and member services throughout the calendar year to maximise your investment and mobile footprint.

iPads Rental


Thanks to our huge stock of iPads, we are able to supply your complete audience with a fully compatible and fully charged tablet to enjoy the full conference.


Some clients choose to provide devices for all attendees depending upon the audience and type of event. Other clients provide devices for a small percentage of their audience as needed. Eventeca also owns powerful printers for badge creation and onsite servers to support larger events.

Push Notifications


With our content management system you can send push messages and updates to individual participants, groups or your whole list — either preset or live — so you can respond to changes as they happen.


Need to send a message to engage staff? Use Eventeca. Want to send a special message to VIPs? Eventeca can do that too. Every participant type can have it’s own custom communication strategy to suit the needs of all of your events.

Data Integration


Whether you’re using event software or spreadsheets for registration, you want a reliable way to move your data into and out of your event app. That’s why your app comes with advanced import/export tools and all we ask of you to provide us with the attendee details and we will upload all the information into the app for you. We partner with excellent registration system providers, including Cvent and etouches, and popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Salesforce Chatter.

Eventeca Enhanced Features


Eventeca is here help to transform your event into an interactive experience that enhances connections. To help save time and add value to your experience, let us take care of some things for you.

Branded Maps & Event App Design:

To expand upon your event theme and branding, you can choose to have Eventeca designer brand your event maps to match the event theme. Maps can also be clickable and interactive to better guide and direct participants. These are available in both 2 Dimension and 3 Dimension.


Eventeca provides excellent training to simplify the uploading of data to the application and takes any stress that normally comes with event applications. Training consists of an onboarding session over email, phone or screen sharing, this usually lasts around an hour to two hour.

Eventeca Service Options:

Eventeca can provide pre-event, onsite support, or remote support based upon the complexity of your events and your staff bandwidth.

Want to learn how the Eventeca mobile event platform can save you time and give you more flexibility when running events? Give us a call and get a demo.