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Create and Edit your Event from Anywhere with Organizer on Android
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Create and Edit your Event from Anywhere with Organizer on Android


Create and Edit your Event from Anywhere with Organizer on Android

As far as event tech goes, there have been vast improvements.  The app stores are teeming with a variety of event apps, each targeting a pain point.

However, as an event planner, it would be highly impractical – if not tedious – to download an event application for each specific purpose it targets.

Oh boy, imagine switching between an event app you’ve downloaded for a tradeshow, one for all your private events (because it had an option for mobile listings), another for a food festival (since you know last minute editing is a given and no other app offers the option), and so on – we could go on and on with the list. Working with multiple applications can be confusing and fatiguing at best; at worst, blunders may lead to dissatisfied sponsors and clients with sales taking a downward spiral.

Enter Organizer. It is the perfect event app for smart phone users who are swamped up to their ears with work. You get a variety of functions that will cover all your major needs, and some more.

The functions can be roughly divided into two main categories:

Creating and Editing

In this fast paced whirlwind of a life, time is an incomparable commodity. This mobile event app is the ultimate time saver. We carry our smart phones on person almost everywhere. Organizer facilitates you in utilizing those minutes to get things off your to do list. Less time consumed in creating the event means more time for planning and perfecting it.

The editing functions are what will actually make you salivate for this app. There are a host of options ranging from making changes to the event information such as guest list, tickets, ticket scanning – you name it.

No more last minute nervous breakdowns or angry sponsors and clients. Any error can be rectified and updated on the event website, real time.

Here’s a brief checklist of worries you can check off of your list by downloading organizer: 

  • Create events from anywhere, anytime, on the spry. No more office time restrictions. 
  • Managing ticket sales
  • Ticket scanning and check-in to impress your guests with efficiency
  • Last minute cancellations/entry/refunding/reissuing alterations
  • Taking down any language barriers: we are multi lingual
  • Absolute knowledge over all the happenings during your event: take management to the next level!

Interested in more? Go download the app now!

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