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Branded Check In App for Event Check In and Event Registration App
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Event Registration App – Event Check In App

  • Intuitive Creation of Guest List

    Create guest profiles, events and guest lists in seconds with our simple event check in templates for iPads or easily import from spreadsheet file. Select multiple venues with engaging Event Registration App of ours.

  • Flexible user-end privileges

    Set different level of controls for different mem,bers in your team or whatever your setup is. Give access to any member for check in app or member of your planning team or to client for uploading guest lists.

  • Dynamic charts for Seating

    Now with Event Check in App, you can make a floor plan for any type of menu with our easy drag and drop features in event registration app in few minutes. Swap, add or remove guest whenever you need. Collaborate in real time for with your clients or team with instant syncing.

  • Secured & Safe data for everything

    We care about security. With our event registration app your guest data is secured and safe with secured cloud servers. We care about your data and it should be only yours.

  • Beautiful Templates for RSVP emails and Forms

    With our beautifully designed RSVP email templates and forms, you can create event emails in just seconds. Create new templates or use existing ones and just upload invites to send.


  • Extensive customization

    We provide extensive customization to make it branded check in app, you can control when to close or open RSVPs, make invites only accessible to those you invited or make it public; Also you can create unlimited number of invites for VIP, press and other types of guests.

  • Easy management of invite list

    With branded check in app, you can upload invites from spreadsheet, Salesforce or add them manually. Our event registration app turns your list into dynamic guest lists with status updates for each guest and invites confirmation with post-event analytics.

  • Seamless integration

    With branded check in app, you can upload invites from spreadsheet, Salesforce or add them manually. Our event registration app turns your list into dynamic guest lists with status updates for each guest and invites confirmation with post-event analytics.

  • Reliable and optimized delivery

    Optimized and trustworthy technology is used to optimize guest lists and invites for email delivery directly to their inbox, not spam folders.

  • Ultra-fast check in

    Even if wifi is down, our check in app makes sure you find and take guest check ins easily

  • Unlimited automatic sync

    Use our event check in app on unlimited devices. From floor seating arrangement to guest lists and invites, everything automatically syncs in app.

  • Guest pictures in the cloud

    Our augmented reality picture recognition system matches names to faces and is stored in the cloud for any upcoming events so you don’t need to worry about gatecrashers.

  • On-site name badge printing

    Professional badges for every attendant with our check in app connected to local wireless pronter which makes sure the correct information is being printed so you don’t need to worry about paper wastage.

  • Text alerts for Events

    Automatic texts will be sent to your team along with email alerts for arrival of any important guest. Guest also receives text message and email alert with their table number and other info about event so everyone remains connected.

  • Great post-event reporting

    Our app produce amazing post-event reporting to stakeholders so you can know what actions were taken at your event along with attendance and other stats which help you plan any upcoming event.

  • Social media integration and analytics

    Connect with your guests attending the event with the integration of social media accounts to inform guests about hashtags or your page updates. You can pull out social media report afterwards to check guests engagement.


Event Registration App Designed To Relieve Your Check-In Pains.

Branded Check in App for your Event-registrants

Fast Check-Ins for Attendees to Enjoy with Event Check In

Simply, swipe your event’s token code & within fraction of seconds all of the event insights & data will be in your hand palm. Eventeca’s Event Check In app syncs across compound devices at one time and dead easy for even your grandpa to use!


All Your Registrants’ Data at Your Fingertips

Scan, filter, search for & check in registrants, groups and team mates with just a few wonderful screen taps & tabs. You will witness joyful moments of ease with our Event Check In apps.

Fraud Detection is 3X!

You can catch any of the uninvited fraudulent signing-up for the event or duplicate registrants red-handed on-spot with our 3X times fast & furious Event Registration App.

Multi-Device Synchronization

Enjoy twisto speed check-ins with our event check-in multiple device scanning. Each device stays in sync at all times with a systematic Event Registration App.

Barcode Scanning

Track & trace the smart phone or iPad screen for in print confirmation of each registrant to quickly flicker their record of Event Check in.