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Become an Event Expert with the Meeting and Event Technology Certificate - Eventeca
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Become an Event Expert with the Meeting and Event Technology Certificate


Become an Event Expert with the Meeting and Event Technology Certificate

The importance

It’s no secret event tech is improving by leaps and bound with each passing day, as the world becomes more and more digitalized. This continuous stream of updates and developments has quite understandably changed the face of event planning.

The advancements in event applications and such ensure best practices of not only strategic event planning, but management as well.

Mobile event apps let you work on your project from anywhere, anytime. This ease and mobility in turn means a lot of time saved for organizations. The implications are clear – time is money.

Event apps are simply one example of how event management technology has evolved and progresses to do so. As this industry adopts the digital transformation, benefits are instantaneously seen and reaped.

Increased profits, ease of planning, hassle free last minute alterations: all distilling into one single goal of customer and attendee satisfaction.

Needless to say, sufficiently educating yourself to be at par with such rising standards is crucial. Advances such as Event apps for smart phones make the market atmosphere highly competitive. To stay afloat, proficiency in the technologies is necessary.

Things every event planner should know

  • Knowing how to utilize and inculcate specific technologies such as the best event apps, social media, live streaming, etc;
  • Knowledge regarding trends for useful instillation of technology to provide attendees a better and more personalized experience;
  • Education on case studies and regular costs;
  • Best practices of management theory;

About the Certificate

At EventMobi, our Meeting and Event Technology Certificate is painstakingly designed to cover these areas and instruct you.

Made up of a total of 14 sections, attendees will commence the course with a general introduction to the dynamic meeting and event planning industry.

This will be followed by other important components such as lining up your finances, appropriate site selection for your event, sponsors, customer privacy, successful marketing techniques, ticketing, etc.

The certification has been designed in partnership with accredited professors and professionals to create a truly successful program for attendees.

After its launch, this certificate will let its participants study at their own pace and give them a firsthand experience through case studies.

METC has already been adopted by multiple universities to equip their graduates with real life knowledge of the event planning industry.

Furthermore, this internationally recognized certificate will not only educate but solidify the participant’s credentials as an event planner.

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