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Annual General Meetings | Eventeca
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Facilitate teamwork and decision-

Eventeca the solution for workshops and meetings


Expand, focus and formalise thoughts and ideas during your brainstorming sessions and internal meetings to make them more productive.

Reinforce team cohesion through fun playful activities.

Give your collaborators the opportunity to express their creativity and enrich the discussions.

Gather opinions and put forth the best ideas in one click.

Display results in real time to make quick decisions.

Excellent Post Event Reporting


Post event reports, allow you to understand completely what happened at your event.

Your attendees will receive post event notes they have taken throughout the event and any saved data.

Internal Training Sessions


Host intimate sessions for training or small board meetings.

– Include a presentation for everyone to follow and take notes alongisde

– Include live polling, to gather the rooms engagement on a subject

– Include surveys and feedback forms to get all the answers you need about the training session or about a topic

– Include a discussion board to allow the attendees, to interact with each other. This stopping interruption within the room

The advantages of Eventeca

Consulting and Training


Allows internal sessions for rooms of all sizes

Top Quality Service


Our Project Managers provide a 100% success rate!

Nothing to Download


Accessible on all connected device without installation

Offsite Mode


Facilitate interaction between different members of your organization even at a distance

They love the Eventeca Solution



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