Generate more business insight and inspire change with industry leading event and presentation software from Eventeca.

Branded Mobile Event Apps For Smart phone & Tradeshow Using Eventmobi Event Tech
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Branded Event Tech App by Eventeca

We do not just produce another best event app or mobile event app for Tradeshow, Eventeca Presentation Software gives
you the freedom to build totally engaging & interactive events using Event Tech and Eventmobi.


Event Application replace paper with a digital experience that can be designed exactly the way you want it with Event Tech.


The engagement they want with best Event application, the data capture and insight that you need with Event Tech.

Delegate Tools

Event Tech Helps you to connect with your audience and them to connect with each other in event application.


With best  event application, everything tracked and recorded pre, during and post event tech for detailed analytics.


With Best Event application, keep your audience focused and show them what you want, when you want by Mobile Event App for tradeshow.

Event Management

All the features of Event Tech you’ll ever need to ensure your events run smoothly via best event application.


We don’t separate features into sets and modules, instead you get complete
access to everything and can just use what you need, when you need it.

Branded event app | Eventeca


Our comprehensive suite of interactive tools like Eventmobi for Mobile Event App for Smart phone has been developed on the back of a deep understanding of live events, particularly in complex areas such as financial services and pharmaceutical. As with everything we do, they are all designed to drive up engagement and data capture using Event Tablet App or Branded Event App.

  • Live polling with Best Event App for Smart phone
  • Feedback forms in Eventmobi
  • Event Apps Surveys
  • Hot-spots (click-able images) with Event Tablet App
  • Questions from the audience (with full moderation)
  • Decision trees with Best Event App for Smart phone
  • Group exercises with Event Tablet App
  • Rating and ranking


Mobile Event App for smart phone features that have been developed to help your delegates connect and communicate with ease in Eventmobi or Branded Event App

  • Delegate Directory for Event Apps
  • Private Messaging in Eventmobi
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Best Event App for smart phone
  • Event Tablet App

Event apps can also make their own notes to review at a later date for Eventmobi.

EventMobi Tech App | Eventeca
Best event app | Eventeca


We run a lot of best event app for tradeshow and know first hand Event Tech on how useful the following features can be of Eventmobi or Branded Event App:

Event Tablet App Agenda’s that can be personalized for multiple event apps or breakout sessions

Event Apps Messaging to inform the audience as a whole for best event app.

Event Tablet App Ad-hoc repository to store anything you may need but are not sure if you will use it. Polls, presentations, sponsor messages etc. Like having everything in your pocket and pulling it out when required with mobile Event App or Branded Event App.

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